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Chief Executive Officer

Bin Ibrahim Pharma

CEO Message

As the CEO of a fast-growing, OEM pharmaceutical company, it is my responsibility to continuously build an organization that is competitive, resilient and innovative, allowing us to successfully navigate in a complex and constantly changing environment.

In order to achieve this, we rely on being able to attract, develop and also retain dedicated and highly skilled talents, who work passionately together. I believe in creating a climate of responsibility, accountability and respect where everybody connected to Bin Ibrahim in any capacity has the opportunity to excel and rise to their full potential. One of my main duties as CEO is to foster a climate of entrepreneurship; a climate in which employees can reach extraordinary goals by identifying themselves with our company.

The ultimate goal that I strive to work for is the development of strategies and to communicate these to our employees so that everyone understands the long-term goals of the organization. Together we have a responsibility towards our clients to provide quality products and services that you need and rightly deserve.

I am confident that we will be able to reach our goals step by step and exceed the expectations of our clients and stakeholders because whatever we do, we do it with passion!

We provide all type of technical support for the marketing and product registration to all buyers and users of our products. All kind of documentation related to Product Dossiers, Technical files related manufacturing process and their testing, Product presentations and their clinical studies for marketing. Our team of technical people is always ready to provide all kind of support for marketing of our products.