About Us

Bin Ibrahim was founded by a group of professionals having intensive expertise in life stock and poultry medicines

The Pharma range is a comprehensive selection of pharmaceutical, Neutraceutical, and Herbal products developed by poultry nutritionists and experience poultry vets who work with products day in day out. Therefore, the range aimed to select or develop products that have been selected successfully tried and tested in the field and enable the customers to use a proactive and targeted approach to enhance productivity

Bin Ibrahim has a distribution network and aims focus to explore business high-quality presence both in the local and international marketplace that delivers innovative solutions for livestock and poultry to enhance our production worldwide.

We must strive for excellence in our products in their safety, value, and competitiveness.


Our vision is to provide a complete solution in the Animal Health sector, through quality pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and herbal products, excellent service, innovation delivering the highest value to the customers, and to create a great place where employees are inspired to be the best they can be that makes difference by helping build and support sustainable communities


Our mission is to provide total solutions in the animal health sector through

  • Create value and make differences
  • Dilerving excellent service and support
  • Deliver high-quality product-wise efficacy
  • Encouraging creativity and effectiveness
  • Act responsibly to our society and our people
  • Become the partner of choice of our customers
  • Sustainable growth and improvement of the business
  • Continue development of professional human resources